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When your company becomes a member of the Advantage Resource Management Buying Group and our Advantage Purchasing System you will enjoy one of the best purchasing structures available in New Zealand.

The Advantage Purchasing System is made up of 3 critical components.

Advantage Management

To ensure every member’s reductions are maintained by providing comprehensive ongoing management with our contracted service providers.


Due to the size and strength of the ARM Group of companies every member can access A.R.M.'s pricing structures when procuring all consumable products from our preferred suppliers.  This ensures maximum savings are achieved whilst enjoying the very best in service with the added protection of A.R.M.'s management team.

Service Providers

We have selected New Zealand owned service providers who are focused on service that will assist and simplify the procurement of all office products.  Every member has complete control with direct access to our contracted service providers. These service providers have access to over 30,000 products, so that we have every confidence that your company’s requirements will be met.