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Why can ARM provide expenditure reductions to every member?

Two reasons, firstly buying power. Secondly, and most importantly; A.R.M.ís supply contracts with our service providers are based on a cost plus formula not discount from retail.

This enables A.R.M. to limit the profit making in each and every transaction and therefore, provide true expenditure reductions, not superficial pricing improvements.

How long has ARM been in business?

A.R.M. has been in operation since July 2002. The majority of our team have had many years previous experience in the industry prior to A.R.M.ís commencement.

How can A.R.M. provide such significant results?

A.R.M. can provide these results on an ongoing and regular basis because we are an independent brokerage company and not a service provider or supplier of products. A.R.M. has no invested interest in the profits that service providers leverage. By being independent we can dictate on behalf of all A.R.M. members what they pay for their goods and services.

How much combined purchasing power does ARM have?

When you combine all the member companies of the A.R.M. buying group together, the combined spend is much greater than that of an individual company's spend. In there lies the advantage for your company to immediately become a member of the A.R.M. buying group, so that your company too can then purchase as if you were one of the largest companies in New Zealand. Basically, what we have is purchasing power!

Does ARM provide just office product purchasing solutions?

The short answer is no! Although, our primary focus is on office products procurement solutions, there are a multitude of other solutions and cost reductions available to our members such as Telecommunications and Account Management, Print Management & Printing, Health & Safety, Graphic Design, Web Design and Development.

If you have any other queries feel free to contact us today!